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Special Part 5 - Tactical Geniuses

Roll For Intent

Special Part 5 - Tactical Geniuses

Whatever was defending that well has been cowed back to into the sea...What were they protecting - and will the party find what they are looking for?


Special Guests

Freeman Iceton

Just a cool dude from the frosty north. I like stuff and occasionally things too. Been around the block, but never crossed the street. I just keep on keepin' on and all that. Also I play accordion.

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Jason Klimchok

Jason started his journey with TTRPGs in 1998 with a homebrew system and campaign with a few friends. He soon moved on to D&D 3e, 3.5e, and even dabbled in a bit of 4e. It was in 4e that he first took the seat in the GM’s chair and has seldom left it since. He grabbed ahold of Pathfinder 1st Edition at launch, and kept going until 2e released with some minor dabbling in CoC, DBZ, Star Wars, MechWarrior, Shadowrun, and Starfinder. Jason has two named credits with Paizo for monster creation in Shattered Star and Wrath of the Righteous. Jason started Called Shots Entertainment with his first episode drop in July 2019, with his first bit of Actual Play content starting in November 2019. Called Shots Entertainment is active on Twitch and Youtube in addition to their podcast content.

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Cam started playing TTRPGs sometime around 2018 with D&D 5e, but soon moved to Pathfinder 1st edition to scratch that itch for a little more crunch and started streaming their game for fun. In 2023, they moved to Pathfinder 2nd edition and have been playing that ever since. Cam is a chef by trade and loves gaming and intro banter

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This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast focused on the Abomination Vaults adventure path, published by Paizo Inc.

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Hey everyone - this is a special series of episodes we've put together to run concurrently with the main show for a few weeks as a thank you to all the listeners that have stuck with us - and a welcome to all the new ones! We've got some absolutely amazing Paizoverse creators that agreed to join us for this little shindig - Cam and Freeman from The Uncharted North network and Jason from Called Shots Entertainment have all agreed to play in this little arc, and GM Liam from Cardinal adventures has lent his voice to episode intros. Make sure you go down into the show notes and check out all the stuff they make too! Now, lets get back to the show!

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Actual Play Podcast of the Abomination Vaults adventure path for Pathfinder Second Edition.

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Trevor Payne

disappointed together!
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Raymond Montoya

Raymond Montoya is no amateur to Tabletop RPG's, but based on his playing style and any remote knowledge of what he is doing on the battlefield, you would think its his first time rolling a dice! Raymond likes to have fun, being a Stand Up Comedian it comes as second nature, so mix that with not take life too seriously, he is a whirlwind of fun, misfortune and way too many laughable moments. Check out his Website RaymondMontoyaComedy.com to see him live onstage in a city near you, and get more information on his Weekly Twitch Channel, Social Media Content creation, and more!
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Jacob Hicks

Jake really is the spider that captured this group and stuck us all together. After having harangued his brother, Trevor into playing tabletop RPGs due to years of regaling him with stories of his games, he set this group on a collision course with destiny. Jake ironically works in healthcare, despite viscerally hating every human in existence.
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Washed up physicist and alleged war criminal
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When she's not recording sultry voiceovers for Roll For Intent, Sarah spends her time making cool halloween decorations, practicing special effects makeup, and building tiny houses.