Bonus - A Little Bit of BRAINS - Headshot the Rot - Part 1 - Roll For Intent


Bonus - A Little Bit of BRAINS - Headshot the Rot - Part 1

Roll For Intent

Bonus - A Little Bit of BRAINS - Headshot the Rot - Part 1

Welcome to a special bonus episode of Roll For Intent, featuring our friends from Uncharted North, as we dive into the oneshot adventure "Headshot the Rot"


This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast focused on the Abomination Vaults adventure path, published by Paizo Inc.

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Trevor Payne - The Magnanimous GM

Micah - Zak Zak | Goblin Gunslinger

Scott Barber - Booker Carr | Human Gunslinger

Freeman Iceton - "Doc" Featherton | Human Gunslinger

Duncan Forbes - Zindaryl | Elf Gunslinger


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Abomination Vaults : Ruins of Gauntlight - James Jacobs

Abomination Vaults : Hands of the Devil - Vanessa Hoskins

Abomination Vaults : Eyes of Empty Death - Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Troubles In Otari - Jason Keely, Lyz Lidell, Ron Lundeen

Abomination Vaults GMs Guide - Ron Lundeen


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Headshot The Rot

Hey everyone - if you're listening to this, chances are that it's probably 2024 now. If not, congratulations, you live in one of the four timezones that haven't hit the new year, and you're listening right after release! At any rate, the holidays were super busy for the cast this year and we got a little behind, so we're pulling something out of the vault. We recorded this one back in April 2022, with the cast of Uncharted North. When we planned on originally releasing them, some technical difficulties presented themselves, making a clean reproduction not possible at the time - but with some updated tech and a little bit of magic, I was able to salvage these recordings in order to bring them to you. For the next three weeks, you'll be listening to me GM "Headshot the Rot, " a one-shot that takes place in Alkenstar. Along with me from our show will be Micah, and we were able to snag Freeman Iceton, Duncan Forbes, and Scott Barber, all from uncharted north. If you haven't listened to them, go do it - they're great. Now, let's get into it, shall we?


Thanks so much for sticking with us through the Hiatus!

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