In the destruction left by the wake of our Podiversary celebration - I'm sure you're all clamoring to know what exactly we announced during that 35 minutes of pure, unadulterated chaos....

So heres the breakdown!

1 - We are going forward with a rules lawyer on all games!  Christian Chaney from BeastFoundry has come on as our in-house rules lawyer to fix all the mistakes I make and hopefully help me to run combat smoother long term.  Christian is a long time TTRPG veteran, and if you're on the Discord, you may know him as Zyrmathor - The First Fan.  He was the very first person to join our community and he has been instrumental in helping us build the show into what it is now.

2 - We are launching a Patreon!  It's going live on April 1 (That's tomorrow, as of the time of posting this!!!) - and we have no expectations with it other than we tried our best to make tiers that were fun for listeners and fun for us.  Bonus content is going to be sparse to begin with, but we are planning to make more as time goes on.  We have some fun games from other systems that we've recorded that we hope to add to the bonus content pile, along with some silly asides we've done and things that didn't make the final cut to episodes for various reasons...Each tier comes with a discord role to denote your support of the show, and everything from the $5 tier up includes bonus content.


$3  -  Atmospheric Noise : Show your support for the guys with what you can.  There's not much here other than our undying love and affection for those of you that have the desire to give us a little support.  You'll get a discord role that denotes your support level and be given access to the "Member's Only" discord channel.

$5 - Dilly Danver's Appreciation Society : Everything in the previous tier, plus access to any bonus content we create.

$10 - The Osprey Club : Everything in the previous tier, plus you can build a "Deific Boon" for the players.  By using two hero points, the players can activate a random deific boon to aid them in their quest!  I'll provide a couple examples and work with the individual tier members on building boons.  Give me a little leeway on this one, because I am still trying to figure out the logistics of making this work!

$15 - Belcorra's Besties :  Everything in the previous tier, plus you can build an "Unholy Boon" for the monsters!  I'm adding a new subsystem called "villain points" - each time I drop a hero unconscious, I add 2 villain points . I can activate a random Unholy Boon by using a single villain point.  Show the bad guys a little love!

$20 - Founding Family : Everything in the previous tier, plus you work with me on adding an NPC that lives in the game through to the end.  Remember, this NPC doesn't necessarily have to be part of the town ;)  If/When we end this campaign and move to another one, you can build another.  We'll keep in contact so you can drive the motivations of the NPC to the best of your abilities!  This is limited to 20 people for now!

$25 - MOONBEAM!!!  : Everything in the Belcorra's Besties Tier, but you ALSO get to help me craft a custom sidequest or storyline for the heroes to encounter and overcome.  Because of the complexity of this tier, and the fact that I want to make sure this stays open for people that really want it, in order to activate this specific benefit, you have to remain a patron for at least 3 months.  This is limited to 10 people for now!

$50 - Billiam's Teeth : Everything in all other tiers, PLUS you will join a game run by GM Trevor once every 3 months.  We'll run through a oneshot, or a PFS Scenario, or some other fun homebrew scenario.  You'll be playing with people in your tier, and if not enough people are there, we'll bring in cast members to round out the adventure!  This tier, like the previous one, requires at least 3 months of patronage to activate this specific benefit.  This is also limited, but to 11 people - the canonical number of pearly whites that Bill still has in his head.

So - that's the long and short of it!  We're super excited for the next 6 months of our show, and hope you stay on with us for the whole ride!!!