Here it is, it's been several months in the making, but we're officially launching the new website!

Here's a breakdown of why we did it:

1. Discord - Our old website didn't have a great way for us to integrate all.  Combine that with our absolutely ABYSMAL track record of promoting ourselves, we had strong initial success with discord, but it fell off immediately.  I think it's largely because we didn't have a great way to showcase that we actually have a discord.  So - now we have a defined discord button in our headers.

2. Blog Posts - again, the old website didn't have an option at all for blog posts.  I really wanted to change that.  I'm likely going to be retroactively adding blog posts for the old episodes, and *hopefully* adding new posts to every new episode as we release.  Additionally, Micah has a ong history of interannly making hilarious 4 panel memes for show recaps, and we want to start showing that off!

3. Visual Style - the old website is more or less an episode list and an about page, and there's very little we can change about it stylistically.  This is going to be an ever-evolving thing, but we hope to make something cohesive.  Unfortunately, the collective artistic skills of the entire cast are somewhere between above average garden snail and raccoon with a paint brush.

Not sure if any of you will ever get this far, but here we are!  Thanks so much for checking it out, listening, and sticking with us!!!