Hello everyone, I have been advised that a non-zero number of people give a shit about what informed my process of character creation and was requested to write a blog post elaborating on it. Hopefully I include enough details for everyone’s liking and win some kind of award.

We came up with a template to build these, so I’ll be answering the questions on it.

Who is Kashak the Gold?

Kashak the Gold is a Dragonscaled Kobold, and member of the Otari Warrens. He’s a draconic exemplar, and he’s a wellspring sorcerer with a draconic bloodline. Yup – he’s into dragons. 

He’s a voracious reader and uses evocation magic to assist with excavation in the ongoing construction of the warrens professionally. In his free time, he explores magic as a force and tries to marry his love of magic with his hatred of being unable to reliably control it. He is a devout worshiper of Apsu and considers himself destined for greatness, even if that means him getting in way over his short, scaly head; luckily, he’s also a bit of a coward so the balance of those two forces keeps him alive. 

What inspirations did you draw from in creating Kashak?

I was gifted with a very easy character creation. I came into the cast after the first few episodes, so I knew what they already had in terms of classes, and I knew the setting, so I was able to inform my choices based on that. With a barbarian, champion, cleric, and rogue I saw a huge opening for a spellcaster, specifically a utility and/or damage caster. 

This is my first PF2E campaign so I did some research on different types of casters, difficulty of playing them, difficulty of the mechanics, and fun roleplay stuff I could do with them. 

On various forums the general consensus was basically, ‘Sorcerers are probably the easiest-to-play casters but they’re not the greatest because they lack versatility and adaptability.’ I looked at my notes with ‘MAKE THINGS GO BOOM?’ scrawled sloppily at the top of the page and decided that would be perfect. 

In most RPGS I like humans because it’s pretty easy for me to imagine myself as one, but the idea of warrens of hundreds? Thousands? Of sentient lizards making a web beneath the town intrigued me, and I liked that they weren’t used as the normal low-level murder fodder in this setting. It seems like there’s precious little explained about the warrens or kobolds in the player’s guide, and in my mind that means that as long as I clear it with the GM I can make up whatever I want, which I adore. When I read about the draconic obsession of a lot of kobolds, I fell in love. For a tiny critter who imagines himself as targeted entropy incarnate, fantasizing about being a dragon seems like a logical step. 

I chose the voice after trying a few because it sounded ‘lizardy’ to me and I could maintain it; and after a few hours realized that he sounded his best the more he sounded like Mark Hamill’s Joker. This was an accident although I’m an enormous fan of his work. Previously people took the piss out of me for roleplaying, so I really relished the opportunity to chew the scenery, even in an audio only format. 

What do you see as Kashak's place in the overall world?

This is a deceptively complicated question. There’s some backstory stuff I’m not going to get into because of spoilers, but he’s had it pretty rough in places. He craves power and control over himself. The wellspring aspect really plays heavily into his life, and he’s got perpetual low-level anxiety about getting surprised and causing an explosion or something for several reasons.  His current motivation is to defend the warrens as well as the town he’s come to call home, but his place in the world is something much larger and with a lot more destructive potential, with mastery over the wellspring surges. 

Living his best life, he might be a researcher, maybe become closer to his god either spiritually or physically. At any rate, I don’t see him dying of old age in the warrens. 

What would you like to see happen in the long term from Kashak?

Kashak is going places. I made him to be a bit of a glass cannon with a heart of gold, but events are being set in motion in the game that is giving rise to a vengeful side of him, and it might go so far as to cause his alignment to slip. He wants to save his homes (above and below ground), keep the party alive through liberal and frequent application of violence, and visit unimaginable carnage upon any who would stand in his way. In my HEART I hope he survives the Abomination Vaults so we can all see what’s next for him. I hope he finds a nice little kobold lady and settles down into academia, but I doubt that’s in the cards.

Describe Kashak's perfect date

Huh. Do sentient lizards date? What are kobold mating rituals? Help us out Paizo! Inquiring minds need to know!

Start off with drinks at the Crook’s Nook, a secluded (vigilant) walk near the Fogfen, taking turns using evocation cantrips to blow up swamp bubbles or something to lose the adrenaline.  A leisurely, somewhat luxurious dinner at the Rowdy Rockfish and a stroll to the pier, overlooking the ocean. I can see Kashak being a pretty sex-positive guy starved for experiences, so unless the gauntlight shoots another zombie-lazer I imagine he’d be down for whatever the vast majority of the time.

That got a little weird! Hopefully it answered all your burning questions I know everyone had about my character and creative process. If you have any other questions, hit me up in -person and grill me on the RFI discord at rollforintent.com/discord. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you listen to and/or continue to enjoy the show!