About a year and a half ago, we collectively decided to untie the moorings on our Pathfinder sessions and to sail them into the uncharted waters of podcasting. What were we thinking?!

Suddenly we were hit by hurricane of questions: What adventure path are we going to play? What audio equipment do we need? What company should we choose to host? What is that smell? 

The answers came slowly over months of research, deliberating, purchasing, playing games, troubleshooting, play testing, editing, mastering...

At that point, all that we knew was that we loved what we were doing, found it entertaining to listen to, and thought that maybe someone else would like to laugh and mourn with us as we play make believe like the responsible adults that we are.

This hasn't changed.

With all of that behind us, we have coincidentally found ourselves at a strange impasse with this show:

-10,000 downloads in juuuuuust under 6 months!
-A partnership with Christian of Beast Foundry!
-36 Hours of awesome content

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be in this position and certainly not within 6 months of launch! We are absolutely blown away by this and want to thank our listeners for sticking with us as release episode after episode. We appreciate each and every one of you and the commitment you have to giving us any time of day to hear us stumble through the Abomination Vaults!

Because of this, we're kicking off the next phase of Roll for Intent with a Podiversary Celebration Giveaway in which 2 lucky listeners will each receive a $100 digital gift card to WyrmwoodGaming.com care of the cast and Christian at Beast Foundry!  The drawing will be held live on Twitch on March 28th - so stay tuned to find out when and where!

This is just a small way for us to say thanks and stay tuned! We have a metric ton of ideas in our hopper for the future and we hope to see you there as they become realities!