Hello friends and family, it’s your “favorite” cast member Raymond here bringing you an exciting new episode of Roll For Intent! We know you love listening to the show, and we always love an opportunity to give you a little peak behind the curtain.

Recording is hard… it is more fun than anything, but it is definitely hard. Trying to get 6 adults together with busy schedules, lives, families, and more on one night for a couple hours every week does not come with its difficulties and wrenches thrown into the plans. This week was my week to be late to the group, but I can confidently say it was not my fault, so hear me out…

Since I was 16 I have been the proud owner of a beautiful 1967 Mustang, White with a Pearl Blue Tint, Mustang Blue Interior, just the love of my life. My beautiful car Hailey “named tastefully after Eminem’s daughter, my favorite rapper” was used in my wedding that I had recently down in San Diego about an hour south of my home. On the drive back, my Dad let me know that the car ran out of gas, but he “put some back In”.  Well...apparently not enough dad. As I was trying to take it out, it ran out of gas, stopped half way on my driveway and in the street. Now I don’t know how much you know about old cars, but if I had to summarize them in 1 word, I would choose stubborn.

After an hour of trying to start her back up, trying to keep her warm, and getting later and later into recording, I had the wonderful idea of trying to push it up the driveway. While being on the phone with my friends from the Podcast, they immediately let me know that, cars weigh a lot, and it was probably going to win this battle, so I decided you know what? This is where she lives now, Im going to place some cones and call it a night. So I did, and the pictures below show my utter failure.
After recording I tried a couple more times, and luckily she fired right up. I got her into the garage, but not before noticing, that the garage in this new house that I have, is also falling apart. The previous owners definitely had, how can I put it, ingenuity, but hopefully my beautiful Hailey is safe from this madness.

I hope you all enjoy the episode!