What is a leader? First answer, definitely not any of us. These five guys go from having their own agenda’s living their own lives, and trying to find their own personal journeys resolved, to battling for their lives standing next to strangers. We kick off this episode strong with some great banter, resulting in a shocking discovery that Raymond’s father is MOST LIKELY Joseph Stalin, and that Raymond is a young Joseph Stalin, the pictures don’t lie!

That moves us into an episode packed with dead bodies, jail cells, late night rendezvous and some great role playing by the whole cast. Questions about the Gauntlight, Belcorra and more still linger in the air as the heroes try to gather as much information as they can before returning to that faint green glow that keeps haunting their dreams.

We also get an amazing insight into the life of Solus, some background on where he comes from and a peak behind that shield that he often hides behind not only in battle.

All of this beautifully wraps up with a drunken night at the tavern, some heart to hearts, some hilarious dirty work, and as always, an ominous mystery that leaves you wanting more