About The Show

Back at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Trevor got a prototype of this group together for a weekly game of the Pathfinder First Edition Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords on Roll20.  We had a few roster changes over the months we played, and the campaign fell apart about midway through book 3.  Keeping a party together with a literal global reach (US, Germany, Japan) is hard.

Todd put the bug in my ear about a podcast very early in our campaign run, and as I got more comfortable with GMing Pathfinder 1e, we decided to strike while the iron was hot, and spent nearly 6 months planning.  In the course of the planning, we changed the cast roster 3 times, changed from Pathfinder First Edition to Pathfinder Second Edition, changed from a weekly playthrough of Pathfinder Scenarios, to Extinction Curse, to Agents of Edgewatch, to Abomination Vaults, changed our VTT from Roll20 to Foundry, built a hosting server cluster, went way overboard on matched equipment (which took us another 3 months to select), tried to fumble our way through mastering some test episodes, until we launched the podcast nearly 18 months after deciding "hey, let's do a podcast".  Even the launch date was protracted.

Together, we've spent thousands of collective hours listening to Tabletop RPG Podcasts.  We've fallen in love with many of them, listening through every storyline to the end, but discarded tons more because it didn't quite scratch the itch that we always look for - the conceit that this is a game - not a radio drama.

We love drama, we love high production value, we love carefully crafted stories that span through hundreds of hours of content - but we also love that it can all come crashing down from a bad die roll, or a lucky crit.  We love that everyone can be just as surprised as the listener by what a character did, or a curveball the GM threw.  We want to always remember that this is a game, first and foremost - and a game between friends at that.  We want you to pull up a chair and take a seat at the table to revel in our victories and shrink away at our defeats.  We want you to learn with us as we go along, because we're all mortal - we want you to hear the bad jokes fail - and the unexpected one-liner completely derail the game for 2 minutes while the GM struggles to wrest control from the infectious, persistent laughter, because that's what you probably do at your table.  Unscripted, Unexpected, slightly polished - we are Roll For Intent! 

Now, we're actually happy where we turned out.  We're super excited about the community that already was here when we started, excited about the community growing around our show, and excited that we get to keep doing this week after week.

So here we are, doing a weekly playthrough of Abomination Vaults, for you to enjoy (or not, I'm not your mother), and we're having a hell of a time doing it, even if you don't like it ;)

The Cast

Here's the motley crew of misfits we have talking right into your earholes every week!

Trevor Payne - GM

Trevor is just a baby GM.  Every time he reads some other podcasters bio, it's "Gary Gygax was my babysitter, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was how I learned how to read, my middle name is THAC0".  Nah - not this guy.  Trevor never played any Tabletop RPG game until he sat down in 2020 to GM Rise of the Runelords.  Because of that, he makes mistakes....lots of mistakes....but he tries to learn from them.  His brother, Jake, got him listening to actual play podcasts somewhere around 2018 and he's wanted to play ever since.

Out in the real world, Trevor is a software engineer living in Houston, TX.  He's got a wife, two kids, and a couple dogs whom you may hear clicking their nails on the hardwood floor of his office during recordings from time to time.  He's a long time reader of fantasy and sci-fi literature.

Todd McPherson

Todd is, at best, a 6'4" quivering savory Jell-O mold that has somehow gotten the gumption to take a stab at entertainment. Having starting playing TTRPGs in 2016 at a laughably late age, he is now exercising his unearned birthright as a "serious tabletop player".

Todd works in agriculture as a "seed conditioning specialist" (none of us know what that means still, but it sounds really dirty) and has a passion for smoking meats.  He's got a wife, two girls, and his dog Phineus to keep him company when he's not escaping reality with the rest of the cast.  He can't wait for us all to be disappointed together!

(p.s. That's not makeup or editing. Those are actually his lips!) 

Raymond Montoya

Raymond is no amateur to Tabletop RPG's, but based on his playing style and any remote knowledge of what he is doing on the battlefield, you would think its his first time rolling a dice! Raymond likes to have fun, being a Stand Up Comedian it comes as second nature, so mix that with not take life too seriously, he is a whirlwind of fun, misfortune and way too many laughable moments.

Check out his Website RaymondMontoyaComedy.com to see him live onstage in a city near you, and get more information on his Weekly Twitch Channel, Social Media Content creation, and more! 

Jacob Hicks

Jake really is the spider that captured this group and stuck us all together. After having harangued his brother, Trevor into playing tabletop RPGs due to years of regaling him with stories of his games, he set this group on a collision course with destiny.

Jake is a transport specialist for herbal goods (hyuck hyuck) and as such has a ton of time to listen to podcasts of all stripes, including finding the flaws in our initial drafts.  He has a deep and abiding hatred of randomness, and is known to curse the universe when the rolls don't go his way.

Micah...just Micah

International Man of Mystery?  Horribly disfigured in a freak gasoline fight accident?  Actual bird person?  You may never know, because this physicist and alleged war criminal never shows his face or shares his real name with those outside of his inner circle. 

He seems to enjoy playing characters that lift things much heavier than his little hollow bird bones could ever hope to support.  It's really an exercise in wish fulfillment every day as we take the sheet off his cage, he chokes down a bowl of millet, and haltingy walks towards the computer we've set up in front of a ficus tree for him.

Sarah Payne

When she's not recording sultry voiceovers for Roll For Intent, Sarah spends her time making cool halloween decorations, practicing special effects makeup, and building tiny houses. 

She's never played a tabletop roleplaying game (and she may never) but she's a triple threat of voiceover, quality control excellence, and taker of no shit.  She does a fantastic job of telling the cast what is or isn't funny, and giving us warnings when we are too far in the weeds and hyper-boring!

Joseph Casto

Joe is a Technical Specialist from West Virginia who works for a contractor as an access and security analyst… even he isn’t entirely sure what he does for a living.
He initially started playing tabletop games in high school during the early 2000’s and has been playing sporadically – and poorly – ever since.

He was at Gen Con during the unveiling of DnD 4th ED in 2007 and his parent’s first date was Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Given his fantastic nerd credentials you’d think he’d be better at it. 

He lives an idyllically peaceful life in the small town of Eleanor, West Virginia with his beloved wife, three dogs, and two cats.

Christian Chaney

Christian was bitten by the role-playing bug early in life at the tender age of 13, way back in 1992.  Having found the podcast on its opening weekend in September 2021, Christian joined the newborn community surrounding the show and put his 30 years of TTRPG experience to work, helping with rules questions, giving thoughtful and actionable critique, providing weekly "leaderboards", and just being a generally great ambassador for the hobby and the show.

While his day job is as a Quality Manager for a walnut company in Northern California, Christian's true passion is role-playing games.  In January 2021, he launched his website Beast Foundry with the support of his wife and two sons (if you can't find players, make your own).  You can follow his progress both with Roll For Intent and on his website as he breathes life into his 20 year labor of love - the Pathfinder-compatible campaign setting of Chondara.

When he's not busy trying to corral this heard of cats, he is running games on Discord or creating new monsters, equipment, ancestries and so much more for Chondara.